Docker Datacenter is part of Docker Enterprise Edition - providing integrated container management and security from development to production. DDC provides:

  • Integrated management of all app resources from a single web admin UI
  • Frictionlessly deploy apps and Compose files to production in a few clicks
  • Multi-tenant system with granular Role Based Access Control (RBAC) and LDAP/AD integration
  • Self-healing application deployments with the ability to apply rolling application updates
  • End to end security model with secrets management, image signing and image security scanning
  • Open and extensible to existing enterprise systems and processes


If you don’t already have a DDC License, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial. You will need to sign up and acquire a license for the rest of this lab.

Docker Datacenter has two components

  1. Docker Universal Control Plane
  2. Docker Trusted Registry

Setup Universial Control Plane

docker run --rm -it --name ucp \
  -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
  docker/ucp:2.1.0 install --force-insecure-tcp \
  --san * \
  --host-address $(hostname -i) \

Now that UCP is installed, you need to license it. In your browser, navigate to the UCP web UI, login with your administrator credentials and upload your license.

DDC license upload

Join more nodes to UCP

Join more nodes so that you can manage them from UCP. Go to the UCP web UI, navigate to the Resources page, and go to the Nodes section.

join more nodes

Click the Add Node button to add a new node. click add node button

Check the ‘Add node as a manager’ option to join the node as a manager to provide replication and make UCP highly available. For a highly available installation, make sure you have 3, 5, or 7 manager nodes.

Copy the command to your clipboard, and run in on each node on this page. After you run the command in the node, the node will show up in the UCP web UI.

Deploy an app

Next step is to deploy an app. For this you will use the Example Voting App. Specifically, use the docker-stack.yml file, which you get in raw form here. Copy that file.

In the UCP UI, click over to Stacks & Applications Stacks & Applications Navigation

Then click on deploy UCP Deploy Button

In the resulting Docker compose.yml UI, name the application vote, and paste in the docker-stack.yml file and press Create. Docker compose.yml

You will see the app deploying stack deploying

And if you click back to Stacks & Applications you’ll see the app in the list. stacks list

Once it’s deployed, click back to this tutorial and you can see the web pages: Voting interface Vote results interface Swarm visualizer