This self-paced learning journey for IT Pros and System Administrators will help you understand and be able to deploy applications with Docker. We’ve designed three stages.

Stage 1: The Basics

This stage will

  • Get you familiar with the core concepts of Docker

  • Help you understand the fundamental value proposition for Docker

  • Help you see how Docker can help your organization

Stage 2: Digging Deeper

This stage will help you

  • Understand the architecture of Docker, and the core features

  • Understand how to integrate Docker into your existing application infrastructure

  • Develop a proof of concept application deployment

Stage 3: Moving to Production

This final stage will help you

  • Implement a full proof of concept application

  • Develop a strategy for integrating Docker into your existing production environment

  • Become recognized as a leader in your organization on implementing Docker

Next Steps

Once you’ve finished the three stages, you can