The Play with Docker classroom brings you labs and tutorials that help you get hands-on experience using Docker. In this classroom you will find a mix of labs and tutorials that will help Docker users, including SysAdmins, IT Pros, and Developers. There is a mix of hands-on tutorials right in the browser, instructions on setting up and using Docker in your own environment, and resources about best practices for developing and deploying your own applications.

We recommend you start with one of our Getting Started Guides, and then explore the individual labs that explore many advanced features of Docker. For a comprehensive approach to understanding Docker, choose your preferred journey, IT Pros and System Administrators, or Developers.

Getting Started Walk-through for IT Pros and System Administrators

Learn more about Docker, how it works and how it can help you deploy secure, scalable applications and save money along the way.

  • Stage 1: The Basics
  • Learn more about the core concepts of Docker and what it can do for your operations team, and help you understand the fundamental value proposition for Docker. Topics include:

    • Fundamentals of Docker
    • Deploying a multi-service application

  • Stage 2: Digging Deeper
  • This stage will help you learn more about some of the advanced topics of Docker. Topics include:

    • Security
    • Networking
    • Orchestration

  • Stage 3: Moving to Production
  • This stage will give you the resources to deploy a production application, develop a strategy for integrating Docker into your production environment, and get recognized as a leader in your organization on implementing Docker. Topics include:

    • Reference Implementations
    • Portability
    • Storage
    • Production anti-patterns

Getting Started Walk-through for Developers

Learn the core concepts of Docker and how it can make building apps faster, easier, and more secure.

  • Stage 1: The Basics
  • This stage will teach you the basics. Topics include:

    • Get you familiar with the core concepts of Docker
    • Show you how to build and deploy multi-service applications

  • Stage 2: Digging Deeper
  • This stage show you how to incorporate Docker into your entire developer workflow. Topics include:

    • Use Docker with various IDEs
    • Get started with Windows containers
    • Preparing your workflow

  • Stage 3: Moving to Staging
  • This stage will include advanced topics designed to get you ready for production environments. Topics include:

    • Deploy an application to a staging environment
    • Manage your staging environment with Docker Swarm Mode
    • Learn how to build a secure application

Or for a full list of individual labs on this site, check out our labs page

Full list of individual labs