About Docker Labs

This material is pulled from https://github.com/docker/labs and contains Docker labs and tutorials authored both by Docker, and by members of the community. We welcome contributions and want that repo to grow. If you have a tutorial to submit, or contributions to existing tutorials, please see this guide: Guide to submitting your own tutorial

About play-with-docker

Play-with-docker (PWD) is a site made by Docker captains Marcos Nils and Jonathan Leibiusky. PWD is a Docker playground which allows you to try Docker and Swarm Mode in a matter of seconds. It gives you the experience of having a free Alpine Linux Virtual Machine in the cloud where you can build and run Docker containers and even create clusters with Docker features like Swarm Mode. Under the hood DIND or Docker-in-Docker is used to give the effect of multiple VMs/PCs.


Thanks to Docker and the Docker community team for all their support and choosing PWD as their official birthday platform. Thanks also all contributors specially Michael Irwin for helping out with the site and to curate the content