This self-paced learning journey is designed for IT Pros and System Administrators and will introduce you to Docker containers and the ways IT organizations like yours have started using Docker in their environment. We’ve designed three stages to guide you through this journey:

Stage 1: The Basics

This stage will

  • Get you familiar with the core concepts of Docker

  • Help you understand the fundamental value proposition for Docker

  • Help you see how Docker can help your organization

Stage 2: Digging Deeper

This stage will help you

  • Understand the architecture of Docker, and the core features

  • Understand how to integrate Docker into your existing application infrastructure

  • Develop a proof of concept application deployment

Stage 3: Moving to Production

This final stage will help you

  • Prepare to implement a full proof of concept application

  • Develop a strategy for integrating Docker into your existing production environment

  • Become recognized as a leader in your organization on implementing Docker