Welcome to the first stage of your Docker learning journey. This stage will

  • Get you familiar with the core concepts of Docker

  • Help you understand why other IT leaders are rapidly adopting Docker

  • Help you see how Docker can help your organization

For an introduction to Docker specifically geared towards for sys admins and IT Pros, check out Mike Coleman’s talk Docker?!? But I’m a SYSADMIN!

Hands-on Learning

Give Docker a try with these three beginning tutorials:

  • Your First Linux Containers: In this lab you will explore the basics of running containers: pulling images from a registry, running an containerized application, and container instances and isolation.

  • Customizing Docker Images: Move on to building your own custom Docker images and explore the Docker concept of image layers and the Dockerfile.

  • Deploy and Managing Multiple Containers: Real apps consist of multiple components. In this lab you will begin to explore running multiple services as a single stack with Docker Swarm.

More Reading: Ebook

To understand the differences between containers and VMs, check out this ebook: Docker for the Virtualization Admin