This stage will help you

  • Understand the architecture of Docker, and the core features

  • Understand how to integrate Docker into your existing application infrastructure

  • Develop a proof of concept application deployment

Hands-on Learning

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Docker Enterprise Edition

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Seccomp profiles

Linux Kernel Capabilities and Docker


Docker Networking Hands-on Lab


Docker Orchestration Hands-on Lab

And for a bonus, you can work through a comprehensive Orchestration Workshop

Part 1

Part 2

Bonus materials

As a bonus, check out these videos. The first video is from DockerCon 2017 in Austin and features Brandon Royal showing you how to port traditional monolithic applications to modern Docker based applications.

Next we have Nico Kabar discussing design considerations, tools and best practices to address a globally distributed hybrid cloud infrastructure with hundreds or even thousands of apps using Docker.

And in this playlist, learn from Docker Customers how they use Docker at their companies.