This final stage will help you

  • Implement a full proof of concept application

  • Develop a strategy for integrating Docker into your existing production environment

  • Become recognized as a leader in your organization on implementing Docker

In this stage we have a series of design and reference architectures that help you understand the best ways to structure your apps with Docker. And a good video overview of the process at the end.

Design and Reference Architectures

Docker EE DDC Implementation Considerations

Service Discovery and Load Balancing with Docker Universal Control Plane

An Introduction to Storage Solutions for Docker CaaS

Docker Reference Architecture: Designing Scalable, Portable Docker Container Networks

Docker Reference Architecture: Securing Docker EE and Security Best Practices

Docker Reference Architecture: Docker EE Best Practices and Design Considerations

Docker Reference Architecture: Development Pipeline Best Practices Using Docker EE

Next Steps

Once you’ve finished the three stages, you can